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  • What's the plan for this site?
    This is a memorial web site for Gene "Hadj" Hadjisky, by his son John. Like so many of his generation, Dad had so much going on in "real" life, he never really felt at home online. But it fascinated him, and as an engineer he could see the possibilities without getting too frustrated with it's imperfections. Oh, and puttering around with devices came naturally to him! There are some missing parts & technical problems that should be resolved shortly. Thanks for your patience. Coming soon: - Get notified when there's new content on this site. - Share your memories & photos - Social integration - stuff on Facebook, etc. shows up here - Got a great idea for a feature? Ask for it. I'm game to try stuff out.
  • Why does the address use SSL i.e. why https: instead of http: ?
    Security is becoming increasingly important, even for simple sites like this. So I wanted a web site secured with SSL and https. The future *is* https for all Web sites.
  • What can I do right now? How do I share stuff on this site?
    Mom and I have found consolation in pouring through the many photos and memorabilia she keeps. I'll be posting the highlights here. If there's enough interest, I'll open things up so you can post your own photos. For now, use email, Facebook, or even Twitter, to write me a note, send as many photos as you like, send us links that we should see, etc. If you just want to leave us a quick note, click here. Nothing you send in will be published without your say-so. If you prefer what you send me to be private, just say so. Thanks.
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